Who needs thepowerserve™

thepowerserve™ is for the “Front Line” team – the first point of contact where your customers form their opinions. From thepowerserve™ perspective, if you are not serving a customer, you are serving someone who is.

Why the Front Line? Because that is where the action is: whether face-to-face or through technology, customer contact is the greatest test of your employees’ people skills.  At the Front Line, your employees are the face and voice your organization – the living, breathing messenger of the brand.  And they are your lifeline to how customers are experiencing your product and services.

Investing in thepowerserve™ readies your Front Line team for the new Empowered Customer. In today’s connected world, social media and technology have created Empowered Customers who may know more about your product and services, and your competitors’ products and services, than your staff. Through the explosion of social media, the “word of mouth” factor is now in a whole new hemisphere. Whereas a disgruntled customer used to tell 7 to 10 people, they can now share their experience with millions – in seconds. BUT they can also share their great customer experiences if your team is skilled at creating them!

Typically, Front Line employees often see their jobs as simply a means to an end. We specialize in changing this perspective. thepowerserve™ leads employees to discover that, with a commitment to excellence, they are uniquely positioned in a sea of opportunity for personal growth and skill development. Polished and proven people skills are the foundation of a rewarding and lucrative career!

thepowerserve™ inspires employees to be excellent now. They win, the customers win, and their company wins.  Whether in pursuit of upward mobility within an organization or an entirely different career, making a measurable difference for the organization you are with now is the proof you need to keep climbing.