Free Consultation

Here’s what we’ve learned: when a company is doing well it thinks it does not need to invest in training. Conversely, when the bottom line is down, managers think they can’t afford it. We are priced to prove both perspectives wrong.

Our one-day program is designed for a maximum attendance of 25 and we are flexible to work with the scheduling of your staff .

Prior to your complimentary, in-office, one-hour consultation, we request that you give some thought to the following questions. Your answers will help us determine how we will tailor the content of our program for your needs :

  1. Why are you investing in training? Are there specific service skills you would like your team to develop further?
  2. What difference do you expect to experience in your operations as a result of providing thepowerserve™ training to your team?
  3. To what extent are you employees engaging in social media to help serve their customers?

Do you love coffee? We do! Tell us what you prefer and the caffeine is on us.