Not for Profit

Your Service to donors and to the end users or benefactors of your organization has never been more important than it is today.  Service must be felt at every level of your organization and it must be real.

Donor Centered Fundraising”, the term used to describe service in philanthropy, is about value.  It is not about the value of a gift but the feeling of value the donor experiences.

thepowerserve™ is about owning the responsibility of making donors and benefactors of your organization feel valued.

Creating a culture and a commitment to making your donors feel valued can happen just by using the internal resources of your own team.  From data processing teams to the major gifts team, bringing everyone together to share ideas is smart.

Brenda and Tara’s facilitation skills unleash the idea bank within your own front-line staff. They will help them expose their observations, great ideas, important concerns, and innovative methods to help you make your customers feel valued.  These are ideas that can ultimately raise more awareness for you, bring in more donors, larger gifts, and implement more efficient operations.  The bonus:

1) Your team develops a very powerful grasp of the Big Picture – and they feel their insights are valued

2) Your organization saves financial resources that might otherwise have been used to bring in different consultants to do the very thing your own team can achieve if allowed to – reserving the use of a consultant for highly specific purposes.

3) An opportunity to collaborate with the team teaches everyone more about philanthropy and inspires staff to learn and develop their knowledge and skills

thepowerserve™ team understands the non-profit industry well:

Barb has an extensive background in communications. She has not only worked for a number of non-profit organizations, but volunteers countless hours with business, sports and environmental organizations in her community.

Patsy’s extraordinary entrepreneurial expertise and spirit have found her working and volunteering for a diverse cross-section of non-profit groups all over the world.

Brenda’s has a background as a Director of Development. She is also as high-impact volunteer who has chaired numerous events, trained volunteers and staff in the finer points of event management and has a clear insight into the business of non-profit management.

Tara has extensive experience directing Annual programs, managing a variety of start-up projects, working with and training volunteers, delivering customized workshops for Board Members and coaching fundraising employees an senior staff.